LED Street Light
High Power LED Street Light
LED Solar Light
LED Lawn Light
LED Tube
LED Bulkhead Light
LED Wall Light
LED Tri-proof Light
Globe Light and Others
LED Flood Light & High bay Light
LED Garden lamp
2020-6-15Booth No.: 10.3M17 & 12.2G31 - (Jun.15-24th:127th Online CantonFair)
2020-6-15Booth No.: have finished(126th Canton Fair)
2020-6-15Booth No.: have finished(125th Canton Fair)
2018-10-21Booth No.:10.3J32 (124th Canton Fair)
2018-10-21Booth No.:10.3L39 (123th Canton Fair)
2017-9-8Booth No.:10.3L39 (122th Canton Fair)
2017-3-15Booth number:11.3F15 (121th Canton Fair)
2016-9-7Booth No.:11.3E25 ( 120th Canton Fair )
2016-9-7Booth No.:11.3L34 ( 119th Canton Fair )
2015-9-18Booth No.:10.3L15 ( 118th Canton Fair )

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